Body – Manufactured date

Body – Manufactured date

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Determining the Age of a Canon Lens Using Serial Numbers and Date Codes

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Ai Kit – Nikon Ai conversion kit number for this and later versions. LMIJ – LENS MADE Type, Lens, Features, Scr, Serial Numbers, Date, Optic. A, 6/ Fisheye​.

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Nikon F4 Modification. These include: 1. This may have taken place between and The original switch has a protrusion to help turn the switch that sticks up above the top of the switch where it can catch things and cause the metering to change unintentionally. The new switch has a protrusion as well, but it extends “out” rather than up and is much less likely to be moved accidentally.

The spring tension on this switch has also been increased. This ALSO took place after According to Walter Pietsch, Nikon made additional modifications in the F4 since its introduction in They are: 1 Some strengthening of the metal body, undetectable to the eye. If this hasn’t happened to yours, then you’ve got the later model. This change may be included in Moose’s change 1 above.

Dating nikon f3

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The serial # can be used to get an approximate date of manufacturer though. See this site & select the focal length of the lens in question & the serial numbers.

Although it was a significiant improvement to its predecessor Photomic, it did have a slightly larger base that required the mirror housing to be modified. A red dot in front of the serial numbers was added to designate those body modified to accept Photomic T and later finders. The red dot can only be found between the body serial numbers xxxx to 66xxxxx. It should be noted that all the bodies from 67xxxxx number block onwards were modified but without the red dot. As the serial numbers get closer to , the more likely you will see a red dot.

This note is the only direct evident of the 66 block production number I have seen to date. There is an error in the note though. It should reaad ” If the camera is below this number, AND not or does not have the red dot They do exist!

Nikon F4S serial number, just curious

The camera have nice serial:. I see follow this thread but i can not find out the year of manufactured. Please help me nikon know about my first film Camera. Thank a lot.

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The early and mid 70 represented one of the most eventful times in the history in SLR cameras. While Nikon still reigned at the top with the professional Nikon F2 , the mid range Nikkormat were slowly losing their leading edge – both in terms of functionality and market shares. The year was indeed another historical year for Nikon. First, a revised F-mount with Automatic Indexing AI , an upgrade, innovative communication method between camera and lens, was introduced.

The ‘AI’ lens mount was one of the key elements in taking Nikon back to technological advancement and positioned themselves with a strategic advantage over its competitions during the late ‘ It was Nikon’s first compact camera and was designed to patch some apparent weaknesses found in some of the earlier mechanical Nikkormat FT series models. It was also designed as a stand alone compact system camera while still sharing many system accessories in the huge Nikon photographic system.

Although strictly defined as a full mechanical body, the FM model still stays in the mainstream after many other models have come and gone. There have been few upgrades over the 20 year life span of a camera which introduced many technological accomplishments. The FM2n was again ‘upgraded’ in when original Titanium shutter blades were changed to an Aluminum alloy.

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Does Nikon or someone else publish camera mfg date based on serial number? That is, if my Dxxxx has a particular serial number, is there anywhere that I can find date or at least month and year when that particular camera was made or shipped from the original manufacturing plant? As you can see

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There are a few versions of the FM2. It is not easy to realize the differences among them unless you are an ardent Nikon fan. If you are not sure which version of the FM2 you are having, the shutter speed dial on the top panel of the camera should be the most accurate way of differentiating the old and newer models. The original FM2 has 15 shutter speeds on the dial while the newer version has only All rights reserved.

Adorama Inc. This is the only shutter speed marking that is painted red on the shutter speed dial of the new FM2.

Extended Service Coverage

Ever wonder what the four digit code in the film cartridge chamber is? Well, like with the Nikon F3, two of the digits can be used to decipher the manufacture date of the body. First digit is the month and goes from , then O, N, and D.

While date codes and the shorter serial number are still found on some lenses, this inclusion will likely end completely. We loved the date code because it made​.

Nikon Canada Inc. Consumers enjoy added confidence knowing their investment is protected. During this period, if the product is found to be defective in material or workmanship, Nikon Canada Inc. However, we recommend registering your product so we can send you information about future updates or service issues that may arise. Please contact your local authorized Nikon Canada Inc. Read the complete Nikon Digital Imaging Warranty. All Nikon accessories include a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

We recommend registering your product so we can send you information about future updates or service issues that may arise.

Nikon I, M and S

For over 20 years, byThom has provided the best books on Nikon cameras, with the most detail and clarity you’ll find. The 1 reader comment about Thom’s books? D Guide. Nikon J1 and V1 Guide. What’s New: bythom. Nikon film SLRs: filmbodies.

The Nikon F3 bodies were produced from March till October ;. the Nikon F3HP was produced since March ;. the Nikon this page is still under construction! please report verified serial numbers and production dates to the author.

Evening everyone. I just received a F4S via the auction site, I probably mentioned here recently. The last F4 I got on auction basically had to be rebuilt and looks like it was used as a hammer. The two I already had have serial numbers in the 24xxxxx and 25xxxxx range. The most recent one goes back to 21xxxx. Were there any problems common to any particular production runs?

The Serial Number – Part 1

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